Emerging COntaminants in Antarctic Snow: sources and TRAnsport

Research area
Atmospheric sciences
Specific research topic
Study of the sources, transport processes, and distribution of emerging contaminants
Region of interest
Antarctica, Victoria Land
Project website
Marco Vecchiato
PI establishment
Polar Science Institute of the National Research Council (CNR-ISP)
Institutional website
Other institutions and subjects involved
University of Genova; University of Parma
Consistency of the research team
Project status
In progress
Main stations used
The project

The impact of anthropogenic activities in Antarctica is a widely discussed issue. However, there is still little knowledge regarding emerging contaminants, and in this context the study of long-range transport of the new generation of pollutants is an unexplored field of research.

The main objective of the project is to identify the sources, long-range transport processes and distribution of emerging contaminants in the Antarctic environment. Snow was selected as the most effective matrix for recording atmospheric deposition and describing transport processes. In addition, temporal trends of pollution will be determined along with seasonal melting fluxes of contamination to the marine environment. To identify environmental sources and drivers, the study of emerging contaminants will be coupled with that of inorganic tracers, identifying air mass transport and deposition processes.

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