SCAR Report 43 on Antarctic Seismic Data Library System (SDLS) Guidelines

The Antarctic Seismic Data Library System for Cooperative Research (SDLS) was established and endorsed by SCAR in 1991 and has become the primary host of marine multi-channel seismic (MCS) data around Antarctica. Since then, it has become an almost complete library of MCS data. This cooperative library model of the SDLS has generated many successful collaborations and the exchange of data between scientists of all SCAR countries and beyond.

Technological progress over the last 30 years has changed the way scientific data, including multi-channel seismic, are provided and accessed by the scientific community. SCAR Report 43 - November 2022 describes updates to the SDLS organizational structure, guidelines and procedures, to keep SDLS in line with these changes and ensure it remains functional in the future.

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